Doing a kid-free Disney trip this year??

Here is a great article about some of the amazing things you can do at Walt Disney World when you are having a kid-free trip or just a kid-free afternoon. I've done Dolphins in Depth, Characters in Flight, and the best: Keys to the Kingdom Tour. They are each so interesting and fun to do. Even if you're alone they are quite fun. I did the Dolphins in Depth by myself and had a blast. Disney cast members always make things special for each person.
Check out the blog and I hope it helps you with planning your next Walt Disney World trip!!

        The Best Of Walt Disney World


New Tangled Short Film!

If you plan to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast in 3D then you'll be treated to the new animated short called “Tangled Ever After” by Walt Disney's Animation Studio. It opens today, January 13, 2012.
See The Disney Blog for more info!