Walt Disney World Minecraft

As a gamer, I was excited to come across this video on a great Disney blog I found called The Disney Blog, I tried Minecraft because so many friends just love it. For those who don't know, in Minecraft you build, a lot, for example you have to build your oven so you can cook things you will need later. The cool factor of Minecraft is it's look. Everything is pixelated and made with blocks. Zombies also come out and try to destroy your creations at night.

I did find it interesting but it wasn't for me. However, THIS is my kind of Minecraft. It's created by three brothers who call themselves Solstice. You can see more of their youtube gaming videos here.

What I find interesting about the design is the attention to detail. The video starts off at the Monorail taking you through the front gate right up to the castle. Also, they do not use the Cinderella castle. I won't tell you what they use but I think most Disney fan's will be pleased.

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  1. This sounds like such a great game! Anything to do with Disney is always good. Being a huge Disney fan and constantly traveling there, I'll have to check this game out! Thanks for the post.