Bloggers Rate Top Rides at Walt Disney World

In the last month or so, some Disney bloggers have posted their top picks for rides and attractions at the Walt Disney World theme parks.

Couponing To Disney: Top 5 rides at Walt Disney World
Surviving Disney: Top Ten for Thrill Seekers
Only WDWorld: Disney World Top 6 Ride Photo Attractions
The Boscov's Travel Blog: Top 5 Walt Disney World rides and attractions

My personal favorites:
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Haunted Mansion
It's A Small World
Kilimanjaro Safari
Rockin Roller Coster
Peter Pan's Flight
Pirates of the Caribbean

It's so hard to narrow them down to just a few. The more I think about it the more rides I'll keep adding.
I don't even know if I could choose a favorite park either.

I love rides that remind me of childhood visits, like Peter Pan's Flight, The Haunted Mansion, and even The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Those are ones I make sure to ride(walk through) when I'm in the parks with family. But, of the new ones it's all about the thrill. What can beat the rocket-like launch Rockin Roller Coaster with Areosmith's Sweet Emotion blaring in your ear or the spooky free fall of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

What really ends up happening is that every park becomes my favorite park when I'm in it and every ride becomes my favorite ride when I'm on it.
What are your favorites?

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