Remember these? Old Walt Disney World Rides

Walt Disney World Home Movies Fall 1973

I love this video. Camping at Fort Wilderness is something my family has always done. Here you can see the old Fort Wilderness Steam Train as well as other retired features of WDW.

Walt Disney World 1986 Figment's Imagination Ride.mpg

One of my favorites as a kid at EPCOT. 

Skyway to Tomorrowland - Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World


20000 Leagues under the sea ride

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Track 1) Magic Kingdom

If You Had Wings 1985

Eastern Airlines was the sponsor for this ride and My father used to work for Eastern. I LOVED flying to Disney World when Eastern was the Disney sponsor. It would feel like we were already in Disney World when we got on the plane. As for this ride i vividly remember the end, seat laying back, wind in your face feeling like you're about to take off.

Universe of Energy Original Show - pt 3 of 4

This is from the original Universe of Energy ride in EPCOT. There are 3 other videos but, this one is the meat of the ride. To see the others go to 

Walt Disney World Epcot Extinct World of Motion

The Living Seas, sea cab ride

This is most of the ride. I'm  glad to see what they put a ride back in this pavilion. 

If I've missed any old rides please let me know and I'll be happy to add it here. I love reminiscing with my family over these videos. 

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